Meet Julie Durocher From Jovani Fashions!

How and Why did you become a designer?

At a young age I was very crafty and enjoyed drawing and sketching. I was first introduced to sewing by my mother, but the patterns she used were boring so I would change them or embellish them with beads or extra fabric. By the time I was 10 or 11 I started making my own clothes. Even though I loved designing my own clothes, I hadn’t really considered going to school and pursuing it as my full time career. When I was looking at colleges, my then boyfriend’s mother – an art teacher – was the one who suggested that I look into design schools. While in college I had an unpaid internship at a fashion house that in turned asked me to take a full time position as a designer. I would have had to drop out to take the job so I declined there offer and ended up taking a semester abroad in Paris. After I came back, about 6 months before graduation, they reached out and offered me the position again – this time specifically in evening wear so this was a perfect fit! -pun intended- In only a year and a half I even had my name on a label!

What are the trends you see for Prom 2017?

Next year’s trends are focused around modernizing vintage styles. Velvet is making a huge comeback both in high neck and off the shoulder designs so expect a lot of that.

Embroidery and lace are playing a big role in evening wear, because of their romantic and feminine associations. This is not to completely rule out the clean, simple lines of jerseys with a touch of drama in long, sweeping trains.

Dresses with over skirts are also a trend for Spring 2017, because of their versatility. They give the opportunity to flaunt your figure in a body conscious silhouette while adding volume and drama with the added ballgown aspect.

What was your inspiration for your collection this year?

When I started out designing I was very inspired by the trends of the 1980s and am excited to revisit those influences as trends of the past start to resurface in glitter and velvet fabrics.

My most recent inspiration came from my trip to London last Spring. I visited Queen Mary’s botanical gardens and was struck but he beauty and romanticism of the flowers. I used this to influence florals in a new way for this year’s Spring collection and am excited to share that.

What style advice would you give to prom customers this season?

I have two pieces of advice. First, less is more. Pick a dress that makes you feel like a true Prom Queen and let your personality do the rest. You don’t need to over accessorize your inner beauty. Second, wear a comfortable shoe!