Meet the Design Team From LaFemme!

How and why did you become designers?

We all grew up in different parts of the country and went to the same fashion school in Los Angeles. We have a passion for creating beautiful dresses and coming up with new and innovative ideas.

What are the trends you see for Prom 2017?

Some trends we see for Prom 2017 are the introduction of velvet fabric and the continuation of beautiful floral patterns. Chokers, high necklines, sleeves, strappy backs and two piece dresses are among the silhouettes we see being trendy for 2017. We are also seeing a big focus on different shades of wine in all fabrications like lace, jersey and chiffon.

What was your inspiration for your collection this year?

Our main inspiration was to produce a collection that was different from anything else in stores while still keeping our classic, clean and commercial style. We did the unexpected and introduced some new fabrics that were not in the industry previously like vegan leather and new beaded fabric that is absolutely stunning in person!

What style advice would you give to prom customers this season?

Never settle for a dress that you like, pick the dress you love! We hope that you can find a dress that most fits your personality and style with La Femme!